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So you’ve written that great book, congratulations! And now you’ve heard that you should be on audiobook. Maybe your fans have already started asking. What to do? You don’t need to know how to make an audiobook yourself. We can take care of your entire project for you (audiobook production and distribution), including working with the professional that you select from our available vocal talent. Keep reading…

Spectrum Audiobooks helps get your audiobook produced with great narrators (take a listen HERE) and onto more distribution platforms and in the ears of more listeners. Our royalty rates are in the rock star category – don’t settle for ACX and their 40% rate which you then split with the narrator.  More details available on our Digital Publishing Services page. We accept submissions from rights holders all over the globe. Meet our authors.

Publish with Us

We also produce eye-catching video book trailers (want one?) at a very reasonable price. Need an editor? A cover artist? We can hook you up.

What’s that? More distribution platforms? That’s right. Take a look at all the selling platforms your audiobooks could be on once you let us produce your audiobook.

Don’t see one you want? Please ask, we’re happy to come up with a custom solution.

We are like a good cup of coffee – a blend of entrepreneurs, developers, publishing pros, and we have a plan. No matter where you are in your publishing journey; we can help. We work with USA Today bestselling authors, niche indie authors, and talented novices. Authors outside the US are also encouraged to join us.

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