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Spectrum Audiobooks is a new publisher of audiobooks and video book trailers ranging in content from sci-fi/fantasy to mysteries, thrillers, romance, non-fiction and everything in between. We can also publish your ebook. At this time, we do not offer physical print titles.

We took our name from the definition of the word spectrum (a permanent shout out to Frank M for the name!):

spec·trum ˈspektrəm/
noun: spectrum; plural noun: spectra; plural noun: spectrums
1. 1. A band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, produced by separation of the components of light by their different degrees of refraction according to wavelength.

  • the entire range of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.
    noun: the spectrum
  • an image or distribution of components of any electromagnetic radiation arranged in a progressive series according to wavelength.
  • an image or distribution of components of sound, particles, etc., arranged according to such characteristics as frequency, charge, and energy.

2. 2. used to classify something, or suggest that it can be classified, in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme or opposite points.

  • “the left or the right of the political spectrum”
  • a wide range.
  • “self-help books are covering a broader and broader spectrum”

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We liked the idea of “the distribution of sound” and “a wide range”. If its not obvious, we fly our geek flag high.
Currently our titles include mysteries, thrillers and speculative fiction, including gamelit, urban dystopia, steampunk, epic fantasy, hard science fiction, sci-fantasy blends, alternate history, sword and sorcery, near future thrillers, and space opera. We are expanding each future imprint with the same care and dedication we devote to our current titles. JOIN US so we can produce your audiobook (and/or ebook) today.

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