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Become a Published Author With Spectrum Audiobooks

Let us produce your audiobook
• Large royalty payout (up to 75%)
• Choose your narrator (no self narration option available at this time)
• Take advantage of our unique marketing opportunities on major digital broadcast networks, such as CBS, Fox and ESPN
• Professional book editing available
• Award winning cover designers
• Worldwide digital book distribution
• Customized press release campaigns
• High-Definition video trailer available for every title we publish
• Familiar with ACX? We can do PFH/hybrid deals with your narrator of choice at a much better royalty rate
Imagine your book enjoyed by listeners all over the world through outlets such as (but not limited to) Audible, iTunes, Amazon, Kobo,, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Downpour, Findaway, Hoopla, Follett, OverDrive, Nextory, Odilo,,, Playster, Mackin, Baker & Taylor, EBSCO Publishing,, Nook, InstaRead, eMusic, LeapFrog, 3Leaf Group, AudioEngine, otto Radio, Costco, Deezer, Hastings, Perma-Bound, eStories, Books-A-Million,, Hummingbird Digital Media, Bibliotheca, and TuneIn. Our distribution partner makes this possible.

Audiobook Production and/or Audiobook Distribution

You don’t need to know how to make an audiobook yourself. We can take care of your entire project for you (audiobook production and distribution), including working with the professional that you select from our available vocal talent. However, if you prefer to find your own narrator (i.e., create audiobook yourself), you can provide us with the completed audio files and we can take it from there (audiobook distribution only). We rarely accept self-narration, please contact us directly regarding this option.
Audiobook Production Service
Begin by choosing one of our approved narrators who will work with you to produce the sound most appropriate for your book. These audiobook narrators will provide us with the finished audio files, completely edited and ready to submit to the distributor. Their rates are based on “finished hour,” royalty share or a hybrid of both. PFH hour is the measurement used to determine cost Future's Orphans Ouroboros Cycle Series, Book 2including recording and necessary editing. All prices are based on roughly 9000 words per finished hour.
Audiobook Distribution
Once we have a completed audiobook that meets the quality criteria of our distributor (it certainly will if using one of our narrators), we submit your audiobook to the distributor for release. Within about 3-4 weeks after production, your audiobook will available through most major retailers.
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What We Do As Your Audiobook Publisher / Audiobook Producer
Spectrum was founded to make the jobs of authors easier, assisting them through the often highly technical aspects of ebook and audiobook creation and distribution. For audiobooks, there is no fee charged by us unless you choose a PFH narrator and we only take a 25% share of net sales. PFH narrators choose their own rates and these vary by person.

Our service includes:

The creation of a retail-ready audiobook. The audiobook files we create for you can be distributed through your own website(s), and will be sold on our site as well. You name the price. In our bookstore, we will sell your audiobook file for the full retail price. For an example of how your sales page would look, see this live book example.
Creating the audiobook image from your ebook image. and partners require a 2400px x 2400px image. We will use your existing ebook image to create this image, by modifying it to fit the proportion. If you don’t have your ebook with us, we will work with any existing cover image you have. If you do not have a cover image, we can create one for you starting at $99 and up. You can choose from a template created by our artists or hire one of our cover designers. A good estimate of costs for custom designed covers is a range from $800-$2,000.
Registration / distribution & integrated reporting. We register your audiobook under our account and integrate the sales in your existing sales reports for the ebooks (if you have ebooks with us).
Complete management of the project from start to finish. We just need your book in a pdf or comparable format, and we take it from there, working with you in the process to make sure the product is turning out like you expect.

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The print or ebook version of your ebook must be for sale on to use this service. If it isn’t, we can help with that too!

Image Requirements
Lukas Yates and the RosesImages must be no smaller than 2400 X 2400 pixels in size.
The resolution of these images can be no smaller than 72 dpi.
Images must be squared. The squared cover must be a true squared cover and cannot be rectangular with colored borders on the side. (ex. CD case cover/jacket)
Images should be at least 24-bit.
Images can not refer to physical CDs or media other than the audio presented.
Pornographic and offensive materials are not allowed. We do publish romance erotica, please contact us directly for terms.
Image types allowed: JPEG, TIFF, PNG
Each image should be labeled as the full title (ex. Book_title.jpg) or ISBN (ex. 1234567890123.jpg)
Images must contain both the name of the title and author(s)
Not published? Not quite ready to move forward yet? No problem! Leave us your name and e-mail, and we will send you free writing resources and specials regarding our service in our quarterly newsletter.

Audiobook Production and Distribution Pricing

Contact us to get an exact cost of audiobook production through us, with distribution. You can use this just to get prices, or to move forward with an order. No commitment is necessary to view prices.
The ebook version must be for sale on to sell your audiobook. If it isn’t, we can help with that too!
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Choose Your Audiobook Options
Select Narrator:
Select your preferred narrator from the options on our site or select “NO NARRATOR” if you already have the audio files for your book.
Approx Number of Words:
Give your best estimate of the number of words in your book, excluding the content that does not need to be read. We do not accept books with a less than 3 hour count, unless you are submitting for the children’s category. If your book’s word count is less than 9000, you will be charged for 1 hour minimum.

Audiobook Rush Service:

If you want your project completed ASAP, choose this service. We will put your audiobook project to the front of the list for narration and creation, which usually saves about 2 weeks. While we do not guarantee exact dates, if you do have an exact deadline you are trying to meet, ask us and we will tell you if we think it is doable or not. This rush service applies to audiobook services only.
Yes, I want rush service for production and/or submission: $200.00 additional fee

Book Trailer Video

Our book trailer videos are second to none! We leverage the professional video skills of our partner firm, Soundque Multimedia to produce book trailers that incorporate stills, motion graphics, stock footage and our own narrators providing voiceover. Live action trailers may be produced for a custom rate, call for pricing.
All trailers will be hosted on our Roku channel Audiobook Trailers.

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