AUDITION: GUARDING HOPE (Police and Fire – Operation Alpha) – C.M. Steele

AUDITION: GUARDING HOPE (Police and Fire – Operation Alpha) – C.M. Steele

Genre: Short dual POV Romance,
CASTING MALE NARRATOR: Gage=31 Third person ,Past tense

Word Count: 29,722

PFH: $200, Clean raw wav files, we do all mastering/proofing. Due Date: April 5th,2021


mp3 file only. no slate, put your name on the file and book title.

After running away from his heritage, former District Attorney Gage Gibson returned to his roots —cattle ranching.

Things were running smoothly…in fact, much better than he expected, but a quick lunch with some of his law enforcement buddies changed everything. Gage got himself a stalker, a sexy stalker at that. He’d left their get together missing something but decided it was best to forget the red-headed beauty.

Running scared, Hope Cummings had to get out of Texas and away from the man who helped make her and the man he sold her freedom to. Ducking and dodging people including an insanely hot cowboy, she found herself trapped like a rat.
With nowhere to run, she’d given her trust to the handsome stranger.

Gage wouldn’t take her safety lightly; he’d guard her with his life.

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