AUDITION: Lies In Ink and Whiskey


Rate is $185/PFH for clean PNR audio, no proofing or mastering needed. 5 hour book, assume female part is 2.5 hours.
Do not audition unless you have more than 20 titles IN ROMANCE in your portfolio. Audition form at the bottom of the page.
Good luck, we are looking forward to hearing you!

Lies in Ink and Whiskey by Leonna Luxx
Dual narration, the male role has already been cast and recorded.
Recording Due: Nov 22nd

I’m over men. I’m swearing them off.
It’s taken me years to get away from the last one. He left me bruised and battered — in more ways than one.
My dislike is as deep as my distrust.
As I start my own business, I consider myself fortunate. The thing is, I’ve never been the lucky girl. What was supposed to be a one-time job, turns into nothing but trouble.
And that’s something I know a lot about.
Lachlan Daly makes me feel everything I swore I never would. One glance into those whiskey colored eyes and I’m lost. His on again, off again desire for me has my head spinning and my pulse pounding.
The minute I think I have it figured out, I find myself making decisions that we both will regret.
Ink and whiskey have a way of making the truth come out.

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