AUDITIONS: AMERICAN narrators Eidolon Black Ops series 9 books

AUDITION: Eidolon Black Ops 9 book series)

Genre: Military romance, romantic suspense.
Solo narration: Male, told in 3rd person, average age is 30

Average Word Count: 70,000/book
Info on Amazon:

PFH: $225 for PNR audio. We do the proofing/editing/mastering

mp3 file only. no slate, put your name on the file and book title.

FROM BOOK 2: You will all use this book for the audition.

Calvin Blake—
He has a body that makes women fall to their knees, a smile that promises forbidden pleasure—but only for one night. He makes no promises to the women who share his bed, except that they will leave it satiated and exhausted. His enemies underestimate him, which is their first mistake. Their second is turning their backs on the lethal danger harnessed inside him. He allows no one inside his head or his heart. Not his team members at Eidolon, not his enemies, not the willing women who warm his bed.

Until her.

Grace Paxton—

Her smile makes men want to unravel the mystery of the beautiful yet elusive woman. They crave the feel of her skin, the taste of her lips. However, her smile hides a secret. She’s the heiress to a multimillion-dollar fortune. She’s also a member of Zenobi, the group of female assassins trying to right wrongs done against women. Blake is shocked when Pax comes to him, asking for help to prove her father is a murderer. She’s asking for the one thing he can’t give her. Blake walks away until someone makes it personal. Then he makes it his mission to bring down the multibillionaire. As they work together, emotions and feelings they thought buried rise to the surface and they discover that sometimes your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength. With the body count rising, Blake and Pax must survive and find the truth before it’s too late. Otherwise, their future together will be over before it begins.

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