AUDITION: In High Spirits A Dandelion Ponds Mystery, Book 1

AUDITION: In High Spirits A Dandelion Ponds Mysteries (2 Book series)

Genre: Cozy Mystery, female, 30+


Word Count: 57,500 for each

PFH: $225 for clean PNR audio. We do the proofing/editing/mastering.

mp3 file only. no slate, put your name on the file and book title.

What do you do when you wake up dead?

Daisy Montgomery was living her best life until she was attacked by a force so powerful that it separated her body from her soul. Now neither living nor dead, her spirit form lacks ghostly abilities like walking through walls, and she can’t communicate with anyone. Except one.

Luckily her connection to her little dog, Alfie, led her to super sexy Charlie O’Sullivan, a man who can not only see her spirit and open doors for her but someone who makes her question everything she thought she knew about her life, love, and almost death.

The more she, Charlie, and his merry band of spirit helpers uncover, the longer her suspect list grows. But when someone else she knows dies, Daisy must use her newfound knowledge to discover who the killer is before they strike again. If she can’t, not only are her loved ones at risk but the killer could come back to finish the job they started the night of her attack. And Daisy’s not ready to rest in peace.

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