AUDITION: Iris Boys (series) an RH romance

AUDITION: Iris Boys (series) an RH romance

Genre: Reverse harem romance. You are agreeing to all 5 books if your audition is chosen.
Multicast narration: F is the main narrator, M roles are dialogue only.
Age: New Adult, Female MC is just graduating high school, the guys are only a few years older. Voices must be age-appropriate.
We will work out the deadline with all narrators, based on schedules once you are cast. YOU MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 20 BOOKS IN ROMANCE TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS AUDITION

Word Count: 98,647/book
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PFH: $225 for PNR audio. We do the proofing/editing/mastering

mp3 file only. no slate, put your name on the file and book title.


Normal is relative, not universal. But in one single night, my entire philosophy on “normal” is changed forever.

One near death experience and one suicidal cat later…

Four mysterious men show up on my doorstep. The leader. The suit. The tech guru. The quiet enigma. They’re not with the police. They’re not even much older than I am. So who the hell are they? Who do they work for and why do they need my help to track down a dangerous thief?

My entire life thus far has been based on survival. If they’re willing to lift me out of the gutter, then I guess I’ve not no choice but to play the part.

They can keep their secrets … for now.

***This is a reverse harem title***