Craig Kobayashi spends most of his time in front of his computer. If you peeked into his basement when he was younger, the monitor would have displayed deckard Cain identifying magical items or a horde vs alliance game of capture the flag in Warsong Gulch. If you looked through the window of his anime-adorned home office now (not recommended), you would probably find him tapping away at his analog keyboard with a little black cat on his lap and a stinky black labradoodle at his feet.

Reading epic fantasy and science fiction from the likes of David Eddings and Orson Scott Card has always been another of Craig’s passions. It wasn’t until he turned 30 that Craig managed to rank up his attention span to Rank 1 (average human standard) and used that newfound average-ness to start writing books. His debut series, Peril’s Prodigy, is an apocalyptic litrpg that, if you ask Craig, is pretty gosh darn cool.

Unfortunately for him, the competition is pretty steep for the title of being Craig’s #1 fan. He would like to claim that title for himself, but his beautiful lore keeper and wife, Tabitha, stays in contention with their dog, Bill – leaving Craig fighting for third place with the cat, Cat.

He will be publishing not only the remainder of the Peril’s Prodigy series that follows Garath and The Band of the Hawk in the Pacific Northwest, but also a collection of short stories in the same world that cover globally important events – and some silliness that didn’t make it into the main series.

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