CTV Distribution

We are rolling out a CTV channel that is all audiobooks. Think a Netflix style channel for audiobooks. You will be able to access it through multiple devices, such as Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV.

In terms of content, multiple genres will be represented, we expect it to skew heavily towards romance, mysteries and Sci Fi.
In addition to the audiobook content, there will be book review programs, some of your favorite video podcasts and narrators live from their studios. The content is NOT web based, so it will be very difficult for scrapers to try and get access, and full DRM is applied to all content.

So of course we are looking for content. Authors who have gone wide with their books are welcome. Once signed, all you need to provide is a zip file of the mp3s and the book cover, and we do the rest.

How do authors get paid?
The free version for listeners is supported by ads.

Authors get 70% of all ad revenue brought in by their titles. Ads right now are ranging from $1.75-$10.00 per playout. The average book will have 3-6 ads.

Authors also get a cut of the monthly subscription. An example of the breakout is below:

Using $3.99 as the monthly fee. There will also be an annual fee.
Spectrum keeps 0.99 and the remaining $3 is split based on TLH (total listening hours). So each RH gets X amount of the subscription based on the TLH, and as mentioned above, 70% of the ads. So obviously better performing books will bring in more ad revenue, better performing RHs will bring in more subscribers.


Lets say the channel has 250 subscribers, for a monthly rate of $750 (250x $3)

Title A has 2000 TLH. Title B has 300 TLH. TLH is now 2300 for the month.

So Title A has 85% of the listening hours, Title B has 15%

Subscription split would be: $637.50 for Title A and $112.50 for Title B.

If any authors want to join, please fill out the form below:

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