No problem! Most of our submissions are from unagented authors, in addition to accepting submissions from literary agents. If we do a deal with you directly, you’ll be able to keep your full share of our generous royalties.

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We’re a no-fee independent press. That means we never charge a fee to publish books. We earn our profit when we sell books for you.
Your book will have certain unavoidable production costs that include certain PFH only narrators, cover artists, editors, etc.
Take a look at the royalty rates we offer

We do not accept self-recorded authors unless you have a substantial amount of experience in public speaking. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Video trailers do have a flat fee cost unless you choose a custom option. They are $100 if you are signed with us and $299 if you want one alacarte.

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At Spectrum Audiobooks, we believe in creating long-term partnerships that are good for you and for us. Our goal is to help you earn a greater income from book sales. We have 3 basic options for you to choose from, and can also customize a deal.

Fees may include:

  • Narrator PFH
  • Editor/Proofer PFH
  • Engineering PFH
  • Cover artist flat fee

We can customize your deal as a royalty share, a PFH or a hybrid structure.

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No. Even if you meet all the guidelines on this page, we review all submitted manuscripts and decide on a case-by-case basis if it makes sense for us to offer a deal to the author.
If we find the author or manuscript is not yet ready for publishing, we will make specific recommendations on how you can improve your writing and the marketability of your book.
Authors who are receptive to constructive criticism are welcome to resubmit their manuscripts for consideration after making editorial/cover art changes.

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Yes, we accept unsolicited manuscripts, and we review all submissions within 30-60 days.

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