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GameLit (also known as LitRPG) is a fairly new genre, although it has been around for a long time in Russia, and includes both science fiction and fantasy with RPG elements. For those who don’t know lit stands for literature and RPG stands for role-playing game – like Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, Fallout and others. The roots of the genre are based in Russia where gamers began writing stories and posting them online.

What is it?
The basic premise of what makes a litrpg story unique from other genres is that the story is primarily set in a game world with role-playing game mechanics – experience, leveling, skill attainment and progression, character attributes, quests, etc. Books can either be soft or crunchy – the crunchier the book, the heavier the game mechanics are.

Generally stories where people simply talk about gaming or where the main character is at a computer screen playing a game wouldn’t really count as part of the genre.

Meet our Gamelit authors:

Chet Sandberg
The Death Mechanic
Jonathan Brooks
Uniworld Online Trilogy
Taj McCoy El
Ruins of Majesta
Richard Hummel
Radioactive Evolution
John Rickett
Savage Legends Book Series
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