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Narration Styles: Dual, Duet, & Multi Cast
Traditionally, an audiobook has been a single voice, functioning as a storytelling weaving a full cast of characters and places for you. While still the industry standard, many books are now being produced with more than a solo voice.

Dual Narration
Common in the Romance genre, in dual narration 2 or more narrators will split the job and narrate the sections associated with their character. (POV) Each narrator still voices all characters, since they are all telling the story from their own point of view.
Each narrator works solo, then an audio engineer blends both into a cohesive single book. Check out our dual narrations:

Duet Narration
In Duet narration, the engineer takes a lead role, because they must create the semblance of actual conversation. Usually a single narrator plays the “narrator” and one of the main characters, and the second narrator voices other characters, usually divided along gender lines, but not always. Our Duet narrations include:

Multi Cast
Multi cast works can be a multi POV with many different voices, or a full production done “soap opera” or “radio drama” style. The narrator still sets place/time/tone, then each character is voiced by actors as if all in the same studio, speaking together. Often music and sound effects are added. This is becoming very common in the LitRPG/Gamelit genre, and SFF.

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