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Narrators P-S

Greg Patmore
Anneliese Rennie

Listen to us on Discord! What is Discord? It is a live server where we can hang out, chat and you can listen to narrators as they rehearse and record! To use Discord: click on the link to join, you will be asked to create a username, using your email and a password.

Enter the room. It is marked NSFW by default, as the room is NOT for those under the age of 18 and will most likely contain swearing.

On the left, you will see a list of links.

In red, I have marked “general” this is where you will be sent by default, and it is where general chat and most notices are found.

Below that in gold is “post yer prouds”. It is where you will find a list of narrators and links to their books. Once you hear them, you will want to hear more!

In this next image, you will see an area called “Live Reads Pro”. It is where our featured narrators do their thing. below that will be the nicknames of everyone in the room listening or reading. The readers icon will glow with a green ring that pulses as they speak. Most of the time it is clear and easy to understand, if you get crackling, reboot your connection by leaving and re-entering the room. Wireless connections may experience this more than usual.

Now for the fun part. You get to comment and talk about the book while you listen, because the authors often join in the fun! The third screen shows where the chat room is when we’re live. “fans chat with narrators” is what its called. How it works is that everyone is muted except for the narrator/s who are “onstage” during that time. They can see you chat, and will reply verbally, while listeners reply by typing.  Once you do it, it will get addicting.

We do have a schedule of sorts setup, right now it is just announcements of when people plan to pop in. Our hope is to have folks 24/7 using the room.

Usually each session is an hour, and will give you a taste of upcoming books. We do not narrate entire books, this is a fun promotional place. Requests are welcome. Narrators must clear permissions with their authors before proceeding, so we won’t reading the “Bobiverse” series probably ever. Thanks for understanding.

In addition, we have a room for newer narrators who want to practice and learn narration or authors who aren’t ready to have their book published and want to hear it out loud.. Please drop in there and give them your support.

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