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Spectrum is looking forward to producing your audiobook. Our narrators are top notch, many with hundreds of titles to their experience. Our engineers, editors, and cover artists are tops in their field. In order to get an estimate of your production costs, each narrator has a PFH (per finished hour amount) listed in their profile. Multiply that amount by the number of finished hours your book is, based on word count.

A professional narrator will be contracted for your audiobook production. After learning a bit about your book, our casting team will provide you with a list of recommended performers at a range of different prices. We will make recommendations, but you get to choose the talent that best fits your book.

This will give you a good starting base for your audiobook production. What makes us different from the others is that we also promote,market and help sell your book. We don’t just produce it and walk away. Our video book trailers are like miniature movies, and we look at working with each author as a partnership.

Once your production costs are covered, we have a royalty scale percentage that pays out to you on each audiobook sale on 38+ sales platforms, including Audible, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and more!

1-6 books: 65%

7-10 books: 70%

10 or more books: 75%

We do some hybrid deals, and some full royalty share deals with no upfront costs, but books must meet certain qualifications in order to be eligible,  including being at least 6-8 hours long and with a strong sales presence in ebook form, dependent on category.

For more information and a detailed proposal, please contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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