Betrayal: The Demon Hunters, Book 3

In service to His Majesty, one must be prepared for Hell.

To survive as a scullery maid requires hard work, discipline, and a stiff upper lip. To survive as a demon hunter is something else entirely. Elizabeth Smyth learned this after she was captured by demons and rescued by hunters. Now a hunter herself, Elizabeth’s first task in this new and strange world is to aid the recently wounded Reece Foxjohn, and get him back into demon-slaying shape….

Reece Foxjohn is used to defying convention. He enraged his family by becoming a demon hunter, and prefers eviscerating demons to mixing with society. He is a man who doesn’t hesitate when he knows what he wants, and what he wants is Miss Elizabeth Smyth. To watch her behead the progeny of Evil is to behold a thing of beauty—one he must claim for his at all costs.

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Aria Holland, Piers Ryman


I love the mix of supernatural/paranormal with the feeling of Regency London and surrounding areas. This book gives the reader another strong, capable female main character that knows her wealth as a hunter, but denies herself love due to her station in life or how society may perceive her. – Booked Up