Laid Over

In a very uncharacteristic attempt at a little revenge, a little vindication, Lily splurges on a first-class plane ticket…using her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s credit card. If he insists that she travel to him, when he’s the one who filed, the one who cheated, then the least he can do is pay for her to fly in comfort.

But Lily soon learns, the bigger seats and ample leg room aren’t the only things that are better beyond that classing curtain. The company’s more than worth every extra cent.

Trevor Kinkade always flies first-class…on his private jet. But the one time he finds himself aboard a commercial flight, he also finds Lily.

Not that he had to look very hard; she’s sitting right beside him.

They’re nothing alike, from two very different worlds, except for one huge, perhaps serendipitous, similarity—they’re in the same place, where neither have ever been before, at the same time—because of two, perfectly aligned off-chances.

Or, could it be the chance for both of them to find what they’ve always wanted?