Purgatory: The Devil’s Game

Welcome to Purgatory 2.0. We’ll be with you shortly. 

Every battle needs a battlefield, especially in the eternal struggle between good and evil. But the unfortunate souls who are sent here don’t bide their time meekly awaiting judgment—they fight for their souls.

Victor Goodspeed is a businessman, taken at the back end of his prime. He wasn’t a bad man, but he was a businessman, which didn’t tip the scales of morality in his favor.

Now, he must fight for his life—his afterlife—with God and his armies of angels on one side, and the temptations of Lucifer and his minions on the other. Can Victor overcome these obstacles and secure his place in eternity? The answer awaits….

In Purgatory.

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Johnny Heller, Ada Sinclair, Greg Patmore


A cool, crunchy tower climber. The MC fights through floor after floor of his own demons, both literally and figuratively, as he attempts to figure out how to escape Purgatory, and understand its hidden rules. Each floor has a theme based off one of the seven deadly sins. Touches on some existential ideas that I appreciated, and held my interest till the end. Even has your obligatory snarky sidekick/summon to help move the story along. The team of narrators did a great job too.