Royalty Rates

Audiobook production has higher production rates than print. Below are our standard deals. We can customize your project if the plans below don’t fit.

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75% Royalty

When you pay for the entire cost of narration, you will earn 75% of all the royalties we bring in and keep the masters for selling on your website.
Are you:

  1. An author who already has an audiobook ready for distribution.
  2. An author previously exclusive with ACX and are looking to go wider with distribution.
  3. New authors who want to use Spectrum to produce their title. (The “I don’t want to fool with tech, let me write” option)

50% Royalty

It’s a royalty-share deal. We split 50% of the cost of production, then we give you 50% of the royalties. It’s easy and basic.

Best option for:

  1. Newer authors willing to put some skin in the game, financially.
  2. Established Authors who don’t want to front a lot of capital expenses.

Note: To qualify for this, your title needs to meet certain rank/sales criteria. We do not accept all titles for this tier.

30% Royalty

This option is reserved strictly for those who we approach to acquire the audio rights. We will front the entire cost of production and marketing and give you 30% of the royalties we receive for 5 years. We retain the rights to the audio recording.