Angel Ramon


Angel Ramon is an author of Survival Horror GameLit and enjoys scaring the hell out of his readers while providing a roller coaster ride. He likes to plunge his readers into reads that make them feel like they’re in a video game! Zombies are only the beginning for this Amazon Bestseller for Horror Short stories. When he is not scaring himself to sleep, he likes to play video games and keeps wishing he could turn back time to his childhood where pop culture was a whole heck of a lot better. Nobody knows who this Angel Ramon is, but he is sure to scare you to the point where you’re better off never meeting him in real life.

He’s starting a new series involving dinosaurs, dungeons, swordplay and one heck of a story that will bring humans and dinosaurs to live in perfect harmony. I guess he never revealed that he loves dinosaurs as well. His favorite dinosaur is the pterodactyl as he always dreamed of flying on a dinosaur while wearing chain mail besides hunting zombies.

Did he mention that he loves zombies and bacon? If not, there you go. He just loves the crispy bacon in his mouth.

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  • Puerto Rico, USA