Anneliese Rennie


Anneliese Rennie is a bit of a polymath. Her career has spanned live theater as a designer, FM radio host in a major market, and website developer for Big Three automotive as a resident of the Midwest in the United States.

She got her start in the opera, where she gained a deep appreciation for the auricular arts. Now, she’s chief cook and bottle washer at Spectrum Audiobooks, a publishing house with a focus on high-quality audiobooks, with over 80 authors signed and 300 books in production. Before starting Spectrum, she narrated over 75 herself–an impressive feat she slipped in around her day job producing live sports for ESPN and plushie designer. Her genres run the gamut, from romance to sci-fi and litRPG. Anneliese is not big on free time. She took a weekend off once in 2012. It didn’t sit well with her.

LitRPG (Duet Narration w/Alan Adelberg)
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Dystopian SFF
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Romance – (Dual narrations with Tim Paige)
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  • MI, USA