Casey Peeler


Casey Peeler used to be a big TV junkie binge-watching all the shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl while getting lost in all the drama and entertainment. She loves to get wrapped up in a good storyline and it was her escape from the normal teaching hustle… until the day she became a mother.

Carlee Bug came into her life and next thing she knew her days of McDreamy went all McDisney in a hot second and the hustle got even harder. Y’all who’s got time to watch your favorite shows when you got a baby attached to our hip in the most precious way? #justsayin

As she grew older, she started dancing and Casey found herself occupying her time in the lobby reading romance books while she waited for her practice to end. Now look, Casey was NOT a reader…but she ended up reading like 3-4 books a WEEK whether in the grocery aisle or car ride line. (Anyone else feel me??)

  • North Carolina, US