Danielle Cohen


Danielle was born in Manchester, England and now lives deep in the woods in Vermont. She has been performing all her life, doing impressions for her family at a very early age and reading the newspaper aloud to anyone who cared to listen! She has over 25 years of theater and television experience and has been recording audiobooks in her professional home studio since 2015.

Danielle is skilled with accents and character voices. Accents she can perform include Lancashire, Yorkshire, RP English, Scottish, Cockney, West Country, Irish, General American, Australian and South African.

“Reading a great book has always been my passion! My favorite activity is snuggling down with my two daughters in the evening and reading aloud to them; all the stress of the day ebbs away and we escape to another world… bliss!“

[fvplayer id=”29″] Dual narration with Philip Rose

  • Manchester, England