Narrator Stacy Gonzalez | Spectrum Audiobooks

For BrillianceAudio–
We Were Mothers by Katie Sise
The Change Maker’s Playbook by Amy J Radin

For Dreamscape–
The Joy of Minimalism by Zoey Arielle Poulson (Feb 2019)

For Scholastic–
Zip Zoom On A Broom by Teri Sloat and Rosalinde Bonnet

For Findaway–
Accidental Duelist by Jamie Davis and C.J. Davis
Accidental Raider by Jamie Davis and C.J. Davis
Accidental Dragoon by Jamie Davis and C.J. Davis

For ACX–
Project Myopia: Why projects damage software #NoProjects by Allan Kelly (February 2019)
30 Things Before 30 by Hope Alcocer
Tormented Souls by Autumn Winchester
Where Hope Lies by Hope Alcocer
You’re Toast by Rachel Ellyn
Single and Looking: Daisy (Secret Lives of Sisters) by Belinda Austin
Hidden Star by Corinne Joy Brown

Stacy is also credited under a pseudonym for her spicier audiobook work. Please contact her directly for a list of those credits.


Stacy Gonzalez

  • She’s not vanilla. She’s tutti-frutti spumoni swirl.
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Location: IL, United States
  • Website:
  • Available for: $200-$400 PFH

Stacey is currently narrating the Gods and Monsters series by Mila Young

Authors, if you would like Stacey to narrate your book, use the “Book This Narrator” button below.

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